In a recent article by Neck and Greene at Babson College they outline what they call a new research frontier of entrepreneurship as a method. This complements the existing three research frontiers of the entrepreneur as a hero, entrepreneurship as a process and entrepreneurship as cognition based. Implications for entrepreneurship educators include the need for starting business as coursework, using games and simulations, applying design-based thinking and emphasising reflective practice. Hopefully they come visit our blog where we list the programs most likely to fall within their newly named category! We actually considered adding Babson College to our list, but so far we did not think it fitted our current definition, since starting a business in the first year out of three makes it obvious to the student that she will not follow through to making it a real business, thus potentially bringing down the emotional investment. But maybe we were slightly too narrow-minded there? What do you think? Anyway, here is a link to the interesting article.


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