In a recent comprehensive and well-written report on entrepreneurial universities published by Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Chalmers is featured as one of five European entrepreneurial universities. The other four are Warwick in England, Strathclyde in Scotland, Twente in Holland and Joensuu in Finland. Common characteristics are: Diversified financial base, strengthened management structures, multiple support organizations for knowledge transfer, support for research excellence and an integrated entrepreneurial culture in the entire university. Some policy implications are stated, such as increasing autonomy for universities in order to facilitate their entrepreneurial aspirations, establishing a fund for financing activities around developing entrepreneurial capabilities (such as HEIF in UK), tax reduction for financial compensation of students engaging in industry related activities as part of their studies, and interestingly integration between TTOs and incubators on one hand and educational programs on the other hand. Chalmers is mentioned as an example here. Unfortunately for non-Swedish readers, the report is in Swedish, but can be found here.



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