This week I have investigated a potential venture creation program in Singapore, and it indeed seems that they let the students start real ventures as formal part of the program. They even use business ideas from other universities, notably University of Washington in Seattle, USA. This is the first instance of a venture creation program I have seen having a structure for using intellectual property from another university and part of the world in their program. But probably not the last! It remains to be seen how exactly this is done, and I have tried to contact the people responsible. The problem in my investigations with Asia is that the language barrier is higher, but I will get the opportunity to try Google Translate to its limits. And I am also searching in the very good book about entrepreneurship education in Asia recently released by Edward Elgar. We have also invited Nanyang Technological University to our Entrepreneurial Learning Forum in June 2012 where we are inviting all confirmed VCPs we can find.


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