We are now in the final stage of planning the inaugural Entrepreneurial Learning Forum, and we are very excited indeed! 75% of the programs we have invited are actually coming to Gothenburg in Sweden to meet us and the Swedish summer. We have sent out a survey to the around 30 confirmed participants in order to find out more about what they are interested in discussing. All but one have responded, and we now know what this very unique group of people are both more and less interested in. I can now reveal the three most common topics of interest to the participants. Within entrepreneurial context the most interesting subject is Dual Missions, or “How can both educational and venture creation ambitions be achieved simultaneously?”. Within entrepreneurial teaching the most interesting subject is Action vs Knowledge, or “How is the action-based part of the education integrated into knowledge development?”. Withing entrepreneurial learning the most interesting subject is Initiative, or “How do you get your students to take own initiatives to interact with people outside your program?”. We will discuss these and many other issues on 12-13:th of June at the inaugural forum. We expect it to be the starting point of a very active and dynamic global community of action-based educators.


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