Three of the most well-cited articles in the entrepreneurial education field were published with a decade in between each. The first seminal literature review was done by Gary Gorman, Dennis Hanlon and Wayne King in 1997. It was published in International Small Business Journal, and can be downloaded here. With almost a thousand citations on Google Scholar, it is one of the most cited article in the field.

Next out was a literature review done by Luke Pittaway and Jason Cope in 2007. It was published in the same research journal, and can be downloaded here. In a decade it has reached some 700 citations on Google Scholar.

While it is difficult to say which literature review will be as seminal as the two above, a review that has been cited almost 300 times, according to Google Scholar, was written by
Ernest Samwel Mwasalwiba. It was published in Education + Training in 2010. Find it here.


  1. Let me immodestly add the latest structured lit review that focuses on impact of #ented..
    The impact of entrepreneurship education in higher education: A systematic review and research agenda
    Ghulam Nabi⇑, Francisco Liñán, Norris Krueger, Alain Fayolle and Andreas Walmsley

    Found that little has changed since Pittaway & Cope’s review… most studies are poorly executed – weak on theory (basically no grasp of ed psych), pedestrian & non-generalizable research designs and little discussion of the actual intervention studied. However, a glimmer of evidence that more experiential learning has different/deeper impact.


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