About VCPs

This site is about entrepreneurship education, and a certain kind of entrepreneurship education that some people would call Venture Creation Programs (VCPs). This is a quite hands-on types of entrepreneurship education, where the students get to learn to be entrepreneurial by doing it in real-life – by starting a real venture as part of the education. This pedagogy can be quite beneficial for both the individual and society, but so far it is somewhat unusual.

The definition of a Venture Creation Program used at this site is the following:

“Entrepreneurship or business educations on higher education level with a pedagogy firmly based on the creation of a real-life venture as their primary learning vessel”

This means that this site is listing education programs where the students are not only allowed and encouraged to but also expected to start a real-life venture as part of the education program. Since the definition says that a real-life venture needs to be the primary learning vessel, one could typically assume it to be an in-curriculum activity that goes on during the majority of the program duration.