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Unguided Discovery Learning, Heavily Guided Instruction and Productive Failure

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT another senseless defense of the overhyped "fail fast" mantra. Of late I’ve been often caught in heavy crossfire amid the (socio) constructivists and the (neo)instructivists. So far this turf war is mainly unfolding in...

Educators collaborating instead of competing, anyone?

Having spent the last 4 years travelling across the UK talking to a whole variety of education establishments, one thing always struck me as odd. It was the number of times I would talk...

Do winners become cheaters?

For many young people, competitions are perhaps the most recognisable, frequent and formative experiences of 'enterprise.' So this research, which explores the effects of winning in competitions should be of interest to enterprise educators. Researchers Amos Schurr...

Time for a ‘Post Crash EntEd Society’?

If you've not come across the Post Crash Economics Society, then take a look. It was started by a group of students from The University of Manchester who believe that 'the content of the...

Critique of ‘entrepreneurship as solution’ to ‘working class deficit.’

Sociology PhD Kirsty Morrin critiqued entrepreneurship policy and practice during a special edition of Radio 4s Thinking Allowed programme. The programme, presented by Laurie Taylor, explored the ideas of French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, famous for establishing...