Hem What is VCP1

What is VCP1

Intention to incorporate

Our definition of venture creation programs includes not just learning through the venture, but that the learners that are venture creating have the intention to incorporate.  This emphasis aims to address the identity constrution...

A venture as a key learning vessel

Entrepreneurship is very often a journey through the unknown, sometimes even exploring the currently unknowable.  Learning to act within uncertainty is challenging to simluate.  VCPs (venture creation programs) use the process of creating the...

Matching ideas with entrepreneurial people

Many full-VCPs act as match-makers between inventors and entreprenurial students. It can be a researcher working at the university who has made a discovery, but who lacks the time and interest to commercialize the...

This is a venture creation program

At a venture creation program (VCP1), students are expected to start a real-life business venture as formal part of their studies. Common characteristics of these programs are that the students are expected to interact...