Hem Why VCP2

Why VCP2

Developing students’ entrepreneurial skills

Teachers are increasingly expected to equip their students with a set of hard-to-teach soft skills deemed crucial in our increasingly global and competitive society. Skills deemed necessary for students to develop include creativity, initiative-taking,...

Guiding pedagogical variation

A key aspect of good teaching is how to manage the delicate balance between teaching of standardized curriculum content and attending to each individual student’s needs, abilities and learning pathways. Good teachers constantly adjust...

Reducing classroom conflict

In some student age groups, conflicts in the classroom can be a vexing issue for teachers. The learning climate can quickly deteriorate if students are not respectful and friendly towards each other and their...

Motivating students to learn in-depth

Value creation pedagogy gives a strong boost to student motivation. This makes them work harder in their education. The resulting increase in academic performance ultimately leads to improved grades and deeper learning of curriculum...