VCP List is a website focused on two different VCPs. The first VCP is Venture Creation Programs (thus VCP1), defined as education programs where students learn through starting a new venture. The second VCP was discovered through careful study of the first VCP. Here, VCP instead stands for Value Creation Pedagogy (thus VCP2), and is defined as education where students learn through creating value for others. The two VCPs are thus closely related, but still have many important differences. While VCP1 is suitable only for a very small subset of students, VCP2 is relevant for all students of all ages. Anyone can learn more in-depth by applying their knowledge to create value for others. But there is also a temporal relationship. Those students that catch a liking for VCP2 can then go on and learn even more through VCP1.

Our mission

The purpose of this website is to explain, exemplify and make broadly available both VCP1 and VCP2. We have tried to make the information highly accessible and easy to digest. Deeper explanations as well as justifications and empirical evidence can instead be found in the research publications linked to in the Resources section. Both VCP1 and VCP2 constitute important parts of the field that researchers sometimes call “entrepreneurial education” (or entrepreneurship and enterprise education). This field suffers from confusion in many dimensions. It is our sincere hope that VCPList.com can shed some much needed light on entrepreneurial education in general, and on VCP1 and VCP2 in particular.