In 2021 I wrote a book about value creation pedagogy in Swedish, aimed for teachers. This book is not yet available in English. But below I make some of the chapters available in English. The translation is not professional, but will still give a pretty accurate account of the book's content. One day we hopefully will be able to do a "proper" translation of this book into English. If we can find a publisher for it, that is.


Introduction Actually, it is a bit too early for me to write a book on value creation pedagogy. After many years of research on the subject, I still do not think I understand the phenomenon well enough. Too many key questions remain unanswered. Too many powerful moments I myself have experienced and been able to observe as researcher amaze and confuse me. When I was first asked a few years ago if I wanted to write a book, I therefore said no thanks. It did not feel right. For sure, we clearly saw the strong light from the glow of...

Chapter 1: An in-depth look at value creation pedagogy

In this chapter, I take a more detailed look at what value creation pedagogy is. Word by word, I go through key details and perspectives. It will be a bit of word-twisting, because if our words are limited, the world we live in will also be limited. I'm not the first to focus on students' value creation for others in education. Medieval apprentices and Freinet's pedagogy of work were far ahead. Several of my contemporary research colleagues have also touched upon the idea before. But perhaps value creation pedagogy is the most specific semantics that has been proposed. I often...

Chapter 9: Value creation pedagogy for sustainable development

There are many good examples of students who learn through creating value that contributes to a more sustainable world (see part two). Value creation pedagogy is an effective way for students to learn more about sustainable development. Teachers gain access to concrete tools and methods that help students develop their ability to act on sustainability issues. Students get to try out an important future skillset in practice — sustainability development — a role that will soon become a necessary part of most professions. The chance that they choose a life path that contributes to a sustainable future then increases...