Chalmers research program on Venture Creation Programs (VCPs) has been on-going since the early 2000s. It has generated a number of new insights, such as a new educational philosophy based on value creation, a new IT tool LoopMe for research, teaching and change management, and a number of insights around how to make people more entrepreneurial. Here is an overview of some key resources on these topics:

Resource typeDescriptionTitleDownload
Swedish reports & articlesSummary of impact of three different kinds of entrepreneurial education"Effekter av tre olika sorters entreprenöriell utbildning"Link
Impact study of value creation in education (2016)"Entreprenöriell utbildning som värdeskapande lärande - en tredje väg? En effektstudie av värdeskapande lärande på uppdrag av Skolverket"Link
Impact study of entrepreneurship and enterprise education (2016)"Koncept kontra skola: En studie av åtta entreprenöriella lärmiljöer - En effektstudie på uppdrag av Region Skåne"Link
Summary of entrepreneurship in education for OECD (2015)"Entreprenörskap i utbildning - vad, varför, när, hur?"Link
Impact study of enterprise education (2015)"Elevperspektiv från tre entreprenöriella lärmiljöer i svensk grundskola - en effektstudie genomförd på uppdrag av Skolverket"Link
Impact study of Framtidsfrön enterprise education (2014)"Att mäta det omätbara"Link
Summary of entrepreneurship in education for Entreprenörskapsforum"Entreprenörskapsutbildning - från ABC till PhD"Link
Swedish teacher resourcesForm for teacher planning of value creation pedagogy"Värdeskapande blankett"Link
Swedish videosVideo about value creation pedagogy (10 min)"Värdeskapande som pedagogik på 10 minuter"Link
Video from school development conference AFK Linköping (1 hour)"Värdeskapande lärande, effektstudier och formativ bedömning"Link
Video about formative assessment (15 min)"Formativ bedömning - en film om Sara!"Link
Video about social learning media tool LoopMe in higher education (5 min)"LoopMe på högskolan"Link
English teacher resourcesForm for teacher planning of value creation pedagogy"Value creation pedagogy assignment"Link
English thesis workLicentiate thesis Martin Lackéus (2013)"Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies - An Action-Based Approach and Classification in Education"Link
Doctoral thesis Martin Lackéus (2016)"Value creation as educational practice - towards a new educational philosophy grounded in entrepreneurship?"Link
Doctoral thesis Karen Williams Middleton (2010)"Developing Entrepreneurial Behavior - Facilitating Nascent Entrepreneurship at the University "Link
English videosVideo about value creation pedagogy (10 mins)"Value creation pedagogy - 7 years in 10 minutes"Link
Video about Social Learning Media (15 mins)"Social Learning Media - What, Why, How?"Link
Video about LoopMe in education (5 mins)"LoopMe in Education"Link
Video series about entrepreneurship in education (6x10 mins)"Entrepreneurship in education - 10 min mini-seminar series in 6 part"Link
English reportsSummary of entrepreneurship in education for OECD"Entrepreneurship in Education - What, Why, When, How"Link
Case descriptions of 14 Venture Creation Programs worldwide"Venture Creation Programs - 14 case descriptions of participating programs at ELF conference 2012. "Link
English research papersPaper in E+T discussing links between entrepreneurial education and neoliberalism (2017)"Does entrepreneurial education trigger more or less neoliberalism in education?"Link
Best paper winner at 3E research conference in Cork, Ireland (2017)"Can entrepreneurial education escape being caught between marginal (‘the Devil’) and irrelevant
(‘the Deep Blue Sea’) practices? "
Paper in IJEBR defining value creation as educational philosophy (2016)"Bridging the traditional - progressive education rift through entrepreneurship"Link
Paper in E+T defining Venture Creation Programs (VCPs) (2015)"Venture Creation Programs - Bridging Entrepreneurship Education and Technology Transfer"Paywall link
Best paper nominee at 3E research conference in Luneburg, Germany (2015)"Opening up the Black Box of Entrepreneurial Education - Outline of an app-based action research project"Link
Paper in IJME outlining app based research methodology (2014)"An emotion based approach to assessing entrepreneurial education"Paywall link
Paper in Trames on emotions in entrepreneurial education (2013)"The sources and dynamics of emotions in entrepreneurship education"Link

Research articles by our research group: (some articles cost money due to copyright reasons)

Venture Creation Programs – BCERC11

Links between Emotions and Learning

The venture creation approach

The case of Chalmers University of Technology

Becoming Entrepreneurial

Academic entrepreneurship revisited

How can entrepreneurship bridge between traditional and progressive education – FINAL21

Other related publications: (some in Swedish)

Venture Creation Programs – 14 case descriptions in USA and Europe

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