Here are some videos I have done on my research topic entrepreneurship in education.

Ten-minute seminar series:

I have compiled a seminar series summarizing mine and others’ research in entrepreneurial education – what it is, why (and why not) to do it, when to do what, how to do it in practice and how to measure it. Learn in-depth on each of these topics for 10 minutes per topic, and with 6 such parts it adds up to 1 hour in total. Here is the Youtube playlist, have a look:

Entrepreneurship in education – what, why, when, how, measure

It is based on an article for the OECD that I have written which can be downloaded here:

Lackeus (2014)_WP_Entrepreneurship in Education – FINAL for OECD 141023

And here are the slides from the videos for download:

EE one hour mini-lecture series 141031 – handouts

English videos:

Webinar for OECD on what, why and how in entrepreneurial education, link here.

Video from a seminar on assessment in entrepreneurial education, link here.

Some good and some bad news in entrepreneurial education, link here.

Swedish videos:

Video from NELIS network meeting, link here.

A model for entrepreneurial education, link here.

Collaboration between schools and the outside world, link here.


One Response to Videos

  1. Henk Roelofs says:

    Good structured work Martin!
    Theory about entrepreneurship very practically ordered and structured.

    Lots of it can easily applied in the new minor Entrepreneurship i am developing.
    Also several concepts can be applied and tested (!) in LE-Game (learning entrepreneurship game).

    best regards
    Henk Roelofs

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