Hem What is VCP2

What is VCP2

Mixing learning and value creation

Value creation pedagogy is all about mixing learning activities with value creation activities. Learning is strengthened when value creation activities are added to the learning mix. Value creation is then a powerful means towards...

The altruistic paradox

Value creation pedagogy draws much of its power from something that we could call an altruistic paradox. Judging from the examples we have studied, it seems that most people become more motivated by creating...

A detailed look at the VCP2 definition

The table below shows a detailed definition of value creation pedagogy. It is taken from my PhD thesis from 2016. In this table, value creation pedagogy is defined in a short version and in...

This is value creation pedagogy

Value creation pedagogy is when teachers let their students learn by applying their competencies (future or existing) to create something of value to at least one external stakeholder outside their own group, class or...