About us

This is the official site of our research and network project around Venture Creation Programs. We are a research team based in Gothenburg, Sweden, at Chalmers University of Technology. All of us are passionately interested in entrepreneurship education in general and in Venture Creation Programs specifically. Our team consists of:

Martin Lackéus, PhD
PhD in entrepreneurial education and former entrepreneur / co-founder of a company called Vehco. This company was started as a project at the Venture Creation Program of Chalmers University of Technology.

Karen Williams-Middleton, PhD
Karen defended her thesis, Developing Entrepreneurial Behavior, in December 2010 – emphasizing the importance of legitimacy and reduction of uncertainty behavior development through interactive learning and pre-emptive action, supported by a role-set. Karen holds an operational role as a Course manager in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Dynamic Organizing at the venture creation programs at Chalmers University and the University of Gothenburg, and continues to conducte research in the areas such as entrepreneurial behavior and learning.

Mats Lundqvist, PhD
Head of the Division of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Chalmers University, as well as director and co-founder of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and co-founder of Göteborg Internatinoal Bioscience Business School.  Research interests include University Entrepreneurship, Venture Creation Education and Societal Entrepreneurship.