Add a program!

Do you think that your program should be on the list of Venture Creation Programs? Well, if so we are happy for your interest! In order to preserve the quality of this list, and at the same time make the process of adding new programs smooth, we have designed the following three-step process.

Step 1. Please complete our online questionnaire to potential VCPs. After having completed it, let us know that you did so by sending us an e-mail (send it to Martin, see Contact) with some basic information, such as a digital broschure, relevant web links and/or any additional material about your program that can help us get an overview of your program. The link to the questionnaire is here:

Step 2. If the first step indicates that your program is a VCP, we will schedule an interview over Skype that we record digitally. We will schedule this interview once we get your e-mail after your completion of our online questionnaire.

Step 3. We add you to VCP List if you fall within our definition of VCPs, see questionnaire.

Step 4. If you wish to be part of our growing base of case studies that we circulate in various occasions, we have a template that you can use for completing your one-page case study of your VCP. See fourteen examples in the folder below:

Venture Creation Programs – 14 case descriptions in USA and Europe

We hope this process will facilitate the addition of more VCPs, and simultaneously keeping the quality of VCP List!