If you’ve not come across the Post Crash Economics Society, then take a look. It was started by a group of students from The University of Manchester who believe that ‘the content of the economics syllabus and teaching methods could and should be seriously re-thought.’

In particular, the students question whether ‘the right things are being taught, in light of the financial crisis.’ They highlight how mainstream economics, and the assumptions it is based on, seem separate from the economic reality the world now faces, and appears disconnected from the crisis which inspired their initial interest in economics.

The success of the society in voicing concerns about the norms of economics education is leading to similar calls for change in other fields. As this blog re-counts, those inside and outside academia are frustrated and concerned about the way alternative views, philosophies and approaches are often ‘ignored, neglected or dismissed.’ It concludes by asking – what ‘Post Crash Society’ will form next?

Professor David Rae has developed some thinking around this topic, stating that the financial crisis has important implications for enterprise and entrepreneurship educators. Read the article here (official paywall version) or here (unofficial free version).


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