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Entrepreneurship = Freedom


In a recent article by William Scott Green on the subject of legitimacy of entrepreneurship education, he concludes that entrepreneurship can be regarded as a fundamental freedom for the individual – the ability to choose the kind of life one leads. This perspective has the potential of taking entrepreneurship education out of the firm grip of business schools, and become a topic of relevance to most students at any given university. Instead of entrepreneurship being a way of making business, it can become a way of thinking and living. For educators, this perspective can be a good way to turn a discussion around when our dear colleagues ask us why entrepreneurship education at all concerns them and their non-business students. The article can be found in the book on sale here.

Comparison of VCPs in UK


On the link below you can find an interesting comparison of two VCPs in United Kingdom. Thanks to Nigel Adams at University of Buckingham for bringing our attention to it. Interesting findings are: Common problems of finding and attracting the “right” students, and high drop-out rate. On the positive side can be seen aspects such as positive reactions from a wide range of people, strong personal development of the students and successful employment of graduates. Here is a link for downloading the presentation:

Comparing the two approaches of two UK universities to teaching Business Enterprise

Good introduction to entrepreneurship education


Allan Gibb is an influential researcher within entrepreneurship education. His article from 1998 is a good introduction to the subject of educating entrepreneurs. Among other things, he emphasizes the need for entrepreneurship education to encourage learning by doing, experimenting, making “positive” mistakes, and by interacting with the outside world. The article can be found here:

Educating Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

VCP found in the UK


Our journey towards trying to map out all the VCPs in the world just started. After a phone call with a member of NACUE* (The National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs), we got a tip of four Universities in the UK that might have entrepreneurship educations that would fall into our definition of a VCP.  Short thereafter we had identified our first VCP in the UK. It is the Enterprise Development program offered at University of Huddersfield’s,  a three years VCP provided by their Business School. More information about this VCP will be found in the VCP-list.

*NACUE is a national organization that supports and represents university enterprise societies and student entrepreneurs to drive the growth of entrepreneurship across the UK.

VCP List blog launched!


Today we launch this blog and list page, where those interested will be able to follow our research and networking project within entrepreneurship education. We will shortly put some more information about the project and the intended list here.